Hi, I’m a long blog post.

20 Nov

Looks like I’ve already failed by goal I set for myself in my “about” page. Talk about good dedication.

You see, I’ve been feeling very much like the picture below me lately.

In this case, the sun represents blogging; the “productive” stick figure, none other than… well… me.

To make up for my long hiatus, I decided to make a blog post that covers enough space for TWO blog posts.

More About Me

Q: What do I like to do in my free time?

A: I spend my free time surfing through the Internet. Once in a while, I come across things like these:

Q: …anything else?

A: Yes. I find things that go along with the video above:

Q: …you must be a VERY productive person.

A: Yes! How did you know?


Also–this next picture sums up exactly what my passion (of finding these things on the Internet) is about:

The art of being random. Isn’t it wonderful?

Everything retains true in that picture except for the “I don’t care anymore” part. I do happen to care for my random hobby.


To keep up with my randomness, I want to hear from your opinion:

Do you prefer short, simple posts, or long and sophisticated ones like this?

Leave a comment on what you think!



4 Nov

A touching song and video that I thought I would like to share with the world. While the song is excellent itself, it was the video that spoke to me. In the video, there are a group of old friends (both technically and literally) who are doing what they enjoy best; being alive, childlike, young. The way eternal youth was symbolized in the video is magnificent because it shows that even though we all age, our souls remain pure, like a child’s.

All credits go to its performers, producers and whoever was involved with the music video and song.

I did some extra research on the word “hoppípolla”; apparently it’s an abbreviation of an Icelandic word “hoppa í poll”, which is translated to “jump in puddles”. The name suits the music video, I guess.

If you’re not a fan of slow songs, then there are always alternate versions:

The urge to cry :'(

28 Oct

Everyone feels depressive at least once in their lifetime, whether it is from losing loved ones, friends, or family. There are many other things in life that can make you feel melancholy, such as being lonely or losing something of great value to you. Maybe you might just have a bad day; a day where everything seems to not comprehend with your feelings. Whatever the case, depression is not everybody’s favorite aspect of life.

When faced with such sadness, you must try to the best of your ability to remain positive. This particular picture tells a story of a cat that is still able to love in times of grief. While you read this, just let your heart out; let the story sink in deep within you.

Best slogan: ever.

25 Oct

I’m not too sure what the person that made this advertisement was thinking when they made this. Maybe the person was having a bad day (with this particular woman).

I have to admit though: the slogan is quite catchy.

No Sleep Tonight…

21 Oct

I swear, after you watch this you won’t be able to sleep tonight. Viewer discretion is advised.

This video is a lengthened version of an old Olsen Twins music video. Someone decided to slow the video down and upload it on YouTube. The result is somewhat creepy, the main reason being that these (demonic) kids “sing” about making their pizza. Only in a much creepier voice.

This video is viral on the Internet with over a million views, and has been featured on YouTube celebrity RayWilliamJohnson’s channel.

Quote of the week: (add satanic voice) “Whipped cream pouring like waterfalls!”

The Result of Procrastination

14 Oct

I was going to have a fully detailed analysis about procrastination and how I discovered this picture, but I felt like putting it off until tomorrow.